Peter, 81, with guest Rostyslav

12 May 2023

Peter, who is 81, has become one of our team’s favourite, most patient hosts. Recently he has welcomed guest Rostyslav to his home in Guisborough, Yorkshire, after a tiring journey from Ukraine.

Rostyslav has already found a job, had his first full English breakfast, been to church and seen the local sights. All in three weeks.

Says Peter: “Having lived in a city all his life, he was unsure if he could settle in a smaller town surrounded by countryside. He finds that he is really enjoying the Yorkshire Countryside.

“We had talked on WhatsApp on lots of occasions before his arrival in England, so it didn’t feel like meeting a complete stranger and we conversed easily. Although Rostyslav’s English wasn’t great, we managed to communicate well on the drive home.

“That first day when we arrived home, the first thing he had to do was catch up on some sleep. Later we had dinner and then he had an early night. The next day we went to church and then had a superb Sunday lunch at Sneaton Castle near Whitby.”

Thanks to Peter and Rostyslav for sharing their story.

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