Help and information

Hosting is a simple act of kindness – but there is lots to think about for everyone involved.  Please read our information and guidance before applying to Refugees at Home.

Information for hosts

Hosts are amazing individuals and families around the UK prepared to offer their spare rooms to those in need.

None of our hosts are paid by us – they are all volunteers. All hosts are different and will offer different things, but at a minimum they will provide somewhere to sleep and access to a bathroom and kitchen.   


Guests are refugees and people seeking asylum from war and persecution who need somewhere temporary to stay.

Our guests come from more than 70 different countries. Most are aged between 17 and 35, although recently we have helped guests aged from 10 months to 80 years old. 

Information for HOME VISITORS

Home visitors are experienced professionals whose role is to meet hosts and assess accommodation before a placement is made.   

Most of our home visitors are volunteers with a professional background in areas such as social work, nursing and general practice.


Most of our guests are referred to us by charities who are helping guests with other aspects of their immigration status.

These organisations are responsible for supporting guests while they are in a placement and working with them on their move-on plans.  

If you are working with someone who has recently received a positive decision on their asylum claim, find out how you can help them access our support

We are supporting a large number of Ukrainian guests as part of the government’s Homes for Ukraine scheme.  There is additional guidance for hosts and guests from Ukraine here.

You can also read our FAQs and our glossary which helps explain some of terminology about the asylum process

“If you are thinking about hosting you should go for it because if you can even help for a month or even less, you are still doing someone an enormous favour.”

Julian, host