About us

Any of us could be refugees, in different circumstances.

Refugees at Home connects people with a spare room to refugees and people seeking asylum in need of somewhere to stay.

We don’t think people who come to the UK for sanctuary should end up on the streets. Our vision is for every refugee and every person seeking asylum to have a safe place to stay.

Refugees at Home was set up by a group of friends in 2016 in response to the Syrian refugee crisis.  Since then, it has grown to become the UK’s largest independent hosting charity, finding rooms for more than 5000 guests from 75 different countries.

Refugees and people seeking asylum are fleeing war or persecution in their own countries. But many who come to the UK in search of safety find themselves facing homelessness and destitution. They may be without statutory support for long periods, or need some additional help to build new lives.

“If strangers started bombing London, we’d want someone to do the same thing and give us refuge.”

Sam and Malcolm, hosts

We recruit and support volunteer hosts who are willing to offer a temporary home and a helping hand.  Our role is to carefully match each guest and host, to assess and prepare them ready for hosting, to advise on hosting arrangements and accommodation, and to provide ongoing support to hosts throughout each stay.