Our impact

When we started Refugees at Home in 2016, we had little idea how quickly we would grow, or the huge impact of our work.

Today we are the UK’s largest independent hosting charity. We have found temporary accommodation for over 5,000 guests, providing beds for almost 500,000 nights that would otherwise have been spent sleeping on the street.




The accommodation we provide costs us less than £20 per hosted night. Our guests not only get a safe place to stay and a good night’s sleep:  they can practise their English, learn about British society and home life, and share their culture with a welcoming host family. Some guests and hosts become lifelong friends.

“Please know that your efforts have made a lasting impact, and I will forever be grateful for the stability and comfort you have helped me attain. As I continue to rebuild my life, I look forward to the day when I can pay it forward by hosting, helping, and supporting vulnerable individuals in their time of need”

Ali, Guest

Our latest impact report

Thanks to the incredible generosity of our hosts we created 972 placements for 1,173 guests across the UK in 2023 – an increase of nearly 10% over the previous calendar year.

We have a network of over 2,000 active hosts across the UK and over 750 volunteer home visitors. We have strengthened and developed our exceptional staff team, and we now employ 18 people, supported by our nine trustees who share their skills and expertise to guide the organisation.

In 2023, the majority of our guests are single people, although we continue to host families of all shapes and sizes including couples, people from Ukraine with children, including multi-generational families. Our oldest hosted guest was 83. 

A significant change in 2023 is that we are now hosting more refugees who self-refer into us than those who are supported by a caseworker. The scale of need has meant that many of our referral partners are no longer able to assist guests as they had previously. 60% of all guests hosted in 2023 self-referred to us and were supported by our placement team.

You can read our full impact report 2023 here.