interested in hosting?

Do you have a spare room – even a sofa bed?

First, please read our Information for hosts

Discuss hosting with everyone in your household and check they are all on board…

Apply online

Use our online form (the link is below) to let us know about you and your home

You can tell us who you can host, and how long for

We will ask you to provide two references


A home visitor will arrange to meet you and the other people in your house. They will check out the accommodation, offer advice and answer your questions

Home visits can take time to set up, please be patient!

Accept guest

We will match what you have told us with what our guests need

Once we have a potential guest we send you information about them

You let us know if you are able to host them

Arrange arrival

We connect you with the guest’s referrer or former host

You arrange an arrival time that works

Please prepare your welcome pack and info about house rules


How this works is up to you

Some hosts share meals and do activities with guests, others just give guests a key and get on with their busy lives!

We are always here to support you

Guest moves on

Hosting is only ever temporary

We’ll be in touch towards the end of the placement

Placements may end on a pre-defined date, or when the host needs the space back, or when a guest moves on to other accommodation

Next time!

We hope you’ll host again

Keep your contact details and preferences up to date on our portal

We’ll be in touch as soon as a new guest needs your help

Hosting is a big decision! Please make sure you have read our Information for hosts before going ahead.