Over 1,300 Ukraine refugees have faced homelessness

Over 1,300 Ukraine refugees have faced homelessness since arriving in England
August 12, 2022
Article by: Alex King
Published in: Big Issue


Campaigners are calling on the government for “a clear, workable approach” to help refugees find new housing instead of leaving it to councils.

The number of Ukraine refugee households who have needed help from English councils to avoid homelessness increased by 295 in just one month.

New government data published on Thursday shows 1,335 households required homelessness prevention or relief from local authorities between February 24 and July 29, up from 1,040 households between February 24 and July 1.

Of the 1,335 households, 945 households have dependent children, and 385 are single households.

The true figure is likely to be much higher because only 234 out of 308 councils reported how many households they had supported.