Being a host changes how you view the world

Bournemouth hosts share experience of housing refugees
March 15, 2024
Article by: Georgia Revell
Published in: Bournemouth Daily Echo


A woman who opened up her home to refugees said being a host “changes how you view the world”.

Sojung Kim-McCarthy and her husband Dermot have welcomed four refugees into their Bournemouth house since signing up with organisation Refugees at Home.

The pair began volunteering in 2019 after finding themselves with a spare room, and their current guest has been with them for one month.

Their dog Georgiou is said to have played a “core role” in making the refugees feel at home.

Sojung described her experience as a host as “valuable” and noted a variety of benefits that come with it.

She told the Daily Echo: “You get to hear their first-hand experiences about being a refugee. It does change how you view the world.

“Myself and my husband are quite interested in history and religion so you get to learn the history of different parts of the world so that’s quite valuable.