What is a Refugees at Home Hub?

R@H Hubs exist to provide a local connection for hosts and home visitors to come together and share experiences, ideas and questions on the whole hosting experience, from both a practical and emotional perspective.  There’s no one way that a Hub operates, some are virtual groups, meeting online regularly or keeping in contact through WhatsApp Groups

They keep in regular contact via in person meet ups, online zoom meetings, Whatsapp, or a bit of all three. They can discuss everything to do with hosting or home visiting and provide peer to peer support. As a group, they can raise any general questions or queries you may have with the hub leader to discuss with Refugees at Home.


Joining or setting up a R@H Hub 

All new hosts will be asked if they would like to join an available Hub in their area if one exists. If you give us your permission, your email address will be shared with the Hub Leader who will get in contact with you.  

If no hub exists in your area and you are a current host or home visitor with us, please get in contact with our Volunteer and Engagement team to find out how one can be set up. 

Each hub should be aware of confidentiality for everyone involved. A hub needs to be a safe space to meet and knowledge share, however, individual personal details of guests or specific situations should not be discussed, to protect the privacy and dignity of your guests. Any issues relating to a placement or guest should be directly addressed with the relevant R@H placement coordinator.

Our Hubs