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Websites can be quite annoying. At some point when you are doing something on this website it probably won’t work the way you expect it to. And there will be times when you might wish you had never had anything to do with it. This page is an attempt to help you through those times. I probably haven’t included everything you need to know – but hope that most things are covered.

If you are stuck it’s useful to know that the theme used here is based on a system called Divi. There’s a lot of information, tutorials and videos about how to use Divi online – just head to where you can find out about the theme. There are also many Divi tutorials on YouTube here;



There are a number of different types of content on the R@H website – and they are all accessible via the black WordPress admin menu to the left of your screen in the admin area. The content types are:


NB: This content type for blog posts and is NOT used used on this site. Yet.


This content type is used for general information pages – all the about us section pages for example, and the help and information section.

This type of page you can build yourself on the front end using the Divi builder. For instructions on how this works see below.

To distinguish some types of page from others it’s helpful to use the Categories system to tag your page as belonging to a particular section. This can also make them easier to find when the list is long.

Case studies

The front-end display for these types of content is set in the Divi Theme Builder and is not directly editable on the front end as the Pages are. To edit the content of these pages you need to use the WordPress interface and the fields available there which are designed to give you all the options you need to upload a piece of content.

To change the front-end look of these pages you need to make a change to the Divi Theme Builder template page – but be aware that it will affect ALL pages of this content type. This is quite useful if you want to tweak the template – and terrible if you are trying to make a change to just one page.

Documents, Press releases, Newsbytes, In the news

These are all handled the same way as Case studies – although the fields for each of these are slightly different.



The Divi Builder is a tremendously powerful WYSWIYG page builder that allows you to put pages together by adding blocks that are divided into:

SECTIONS: Outlines in BLUE on the site. A section of content spanning the full width of the page which is a container for:

ROWS: Outlined in GREEN on the site. Another container for your actual content but this can be divided into columns for flexible display of:

MODULES: Outlined in GREY on the site. Your actual content. There are plenty of options available when you add modules, from a slider, to a simple text box. a button, a list of blog posts… this is where your content lives.

 When you create a new page and choose to build it on the front end, you will be offered the option of starting from scratch (actually not a scary as it could be), choosing from the Divi template library (not a good idea), or cloning an existing page. Cloning will usually be your best option here – pick a page that has roughly the same structure as the one you want to create – and off you go.

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When using the Divi builder – as with everything on computers – remember to save your work frequently. The purple circle at the bottom of the page allows you to access a host of page functions – including save.

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